As a practice specialising in all aspects of property law, we focus on property-related litigation. Simply put: we litigate to win.
Each matter is researched thoroughly both in respect of the law, and facts pertaining to the matter. Clients are thus given detailed advice with regard to the merits of each matter, to enable them to make informed decisions before embarking on litigation.


The drafting of various types of agreements is specialized, thus with our in-depth experience and expertise, we are well placed to assist and advise our clients.


AMC Hunter Inc regularly assists and advises clients on the formation and use of trusts and estate planning in general, to ensure clients are protected against business risks and to safeguard tax efficiency.


At AMC Hunter Inc., we are serious about corporate social investment, believing that each business forms part of a larger community. As such we are thus committed to ploughing back resources and expertise into the communities we serve.
We assist and advise non-profit organisations with regard to the structuring of those organisations, which includes corporate governance. Karien Hunter is the founding trustee of the Gatekeeper Foundation, which serves a large network of non-profit organisations, mainly in the KwaZulu-Natal area.