As experienced property lawyers, we are happy to assist and advise clients who either buy or sell property privately. We also assist with the property sale negotiations where required, and advise on property finance/bonds, as well as other property transaction requirements.
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As a firm specialising in property law, we are experienced in checking any offer to purchase that you receive from an estate agent, and will advise on the legalities of the sale agreement.
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We assist clients with the structuring of commercial property sale agreements, to ensure that such property transactions are structured in the most tax efficient manner.
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AMC Hunter Inc attends to a number of developments, which vary in size and scope.
We assist our developer clients in structuring property developments in a cost-efficient manner, and advise on land and compliance issues.


Selecting the right agent for your property and your area is a vital aspect of the selling process. At AMC Hunter Inc. we deal with hundreds of estate agents in and around KwaZulu-Natal. Give us a call and we will assist you in the selection of the estate agent best suited to serve your needs.
Do not give an estate agent a sole mandate to sell your property without checking it out carefully. As part of the service we offer our clients, we will gladly review any mandates you may have been asked to sign, to ensure that you are adequately protected and that a proper marketing plan is in place. This service is free of charge should we be nominated as your conveyancers on the sale of your property. Click here to read more on mandates and download sample mandates.
Carefully scrutinise any offer to purchase before you commit yourself. As part of our on-going service, we will peruse any offer to purchase you receive to ensure that you are adequately protected. We will make changes to the agreement that are necessary to protect you, but also to avoid any delays with the registration of property transfer. This is at no charge to you, as the purchaser is liable to pay our fees upon transfer of your property.


Establish a relationship with a reputable estate agency or agent in the area. Most agencies have a large selection of properties on their books. AMC Hunter Inc. can direct you to the top-performing agents within your area.
With regard to pricing, it is important not to put in an offer that is too high or too low. At AMC Hunter Inc. we also assist with a market assessment of the property, if required.
Regarding finance, the banks will only lend you money to buy a property if you are able to put down a deposit on a property you can afford. AMC Hunter Inc. deals with all the major banks, so we know and understand their lending criteria. We can also put you in touch with reputable bond originators, who will be able to give you a good idea of the bond you will qualify for, before you submit an offer to purchase. For a rough estimate of what you can afford, click here to use our bond repayments calculator.


  1. Nominated conveyancers receive the sale document and call for Title Deeds from the current bondholder (bank).
  2. The current bondholder advises transferring attorneys of amounts required to settle the existing loan, and instructs their own conveyancers to attend to cancellation of the existing mortgage bond.
  3. The new bondholder (bank) instructs their conveyancers to attend to the registration of a new mortgage bond.
  4. Conveyancers draw up necessary documentation. The purchaser signs two sets of documents (transfer and bond). The seller signs one set of documents (transfer).
  5. The purchaser pays the deposit and pro-forma conveyancing costs.
  6. Guarantees are issued by the conveyancers of the new bondholder to settle the balance outstanding on the seller’s loan, and also for payment of the balance of available funds to the transferring attorney’s trust account, for distribution on registration.
  7. The current bondholder signs the consent to “cancellation of bond” upon receipt of guarantees.
  8. Municipal rates or levies and transfer duty are paid by the transferring attorneys. Insurance certificate costs and bank initiation fees are paid by the bond attorneys.
  9. All conveyancers to the transaction (transfer, bond, cancellation) collaborate and lodge documents simultaneously in the Deeds Office.
  10. Registration of transfer. Final accounting is carried out by transferring attorneys, and proceeds of the sale paid to seller, loans are settled, commissions paid to the estate agent and costs paid to the electrician and entomologist.


Interest is the cost of borrowing money from a bank, and the rate is usually expressed as an annual percentage of the amount borrowed. The standard interest rate is currently 9.25%. This is what a person would pay for a home loan over a year, although each bank may loan money at a rate above or below this base rate.
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