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Meet The Team


Founder & Director

Enjoying a celebrated career in property law and conveyancing, with 40 years’ experience in the legal profession, Karien is well-equipped to assist and advise on any property-related matter. Overseeing all aspects of the practice as founder and director, she also advises on developments, estates and the management of body corporates.  Karien is well known for her skills in dispute resolution. Karien is also committed to social transformation, and assists and advises non-profits and public benefit organisations.  



Sarikha has enjoyed a prominent career as an admitted attorney, notary public and one of the top-performing conveyancers in KwaZulu-Natal.   Understanding that the function of a conveyancer is to ensure on-time, risk-free delivery – Sarikha has a genuine enthusiasm for her role, managing the conveyancing department as director, and conveyancing as a profession.



Providing top-notch legal and conveyancing services to our clients, Saijal considers the spirit of cooperation and unity within AMC Hunter INC as the best part of her job.Focused on providing clients with only the best service, her passion for learning and professional growth is a testament to her determination and success as a conveyancer, attorney and notary public.   



Paralegal in Transfer Department

Boasting nearly 30 years experience in the legal field, Loryn has been exposed to every facet that a law firm can offer, including litigation and conveyancing. With her previous role as office manager, Loryn understands the inner workings of AMC Hunter INC and expertly applies this to her day to day business dealings. 


Paralegal in Standard Bank Bonds

With an extensive background as a paralegal and 14 years of experience within the bond and transfer departments at AMC Hunter INC, Noelene loves interacting with different clients all while overcoming obstacles with professionalism and efficiency. Inspired to succeed by the level of satisfaction amongst her clients, Noelene prides herself on her honest work ethic and ability to focus on the task at hand.


Paralegal in ABSA and FNB Bonds

Starting out in the legal profession nearly 30 years ago, Deshini has been an  invaluable part of the AMC Hunter INC team for 15 years. Receiving many accolades from our bank clients, she is driven to succeed as one of the firm’s top performers. 


Paralegal in Bond Cancellations

Growing her career within AMC Hunter INC since 2011, Pretty loves to surround herself with highly motivated people and enjoys her work environment. Heading up our bond cancellation department, she expertly deals with every transaction, determined to produce top-quality work, all the time.


Paralegal in FNB and Standard Bank Bonds

With seven years under her paralegal belt, Sashni prides herself on consistently producing high-quality work with quick turnaround times. Motivated by her ability to register matters without any delays, she is detail-oriented, diligent and focused on professionally communicating with her clients. 



Placing importance on ensuring that AMC Hunter INC maintains high levels of financial and legal compliance, Kirby loves that she can make a difference with her work. Motivated by her family, she has a passion for accounting and is currently furthering her studies with a BCom Degree in Accounting Science and Financial Accounting.



Angela is dedicated to client satisfaction and is motivated by the AMC Hunter Inc team’s ability to work towards the same goal. With a certificate in conveyancing, she is building her expertise within the practice, all while ensuring that the day to day communication of the firm runs smoothly and effectively.



Paralegal in Transfer Department

With over 40 years of experience in the field of conveyancing, Marichen is focused on client satisfaction. Motivated by her drive to succeed, her hard work and perseverance have enabled her to achieve greater professional success. Marichen believes that aligning the AMC Hunter’s vision and values with her own principles, help her to accomplish her professional goals.


Paralegal for Transfer Department

With more than three decades of experience as a conveyancing paralegal, Jenny has worked with every aspect of property transfers and transactions. With a passion for conveyancing and property law, Jenny also attends to AMC Hunter INC’s development work in conjunction with our conveyancers on behalf of our developer clients.


What We Do

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