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Non-Profit Organisations Legal Services

At AMC Hunter Inc., we are serious about corporate social investment, believing that each business forms part of a larger community. As such we are thus committed to ploughing back resources and expertise into the communities we serve.

We assist and advise non-profit organisations with regard to the structuring of those organisations, which includes corporate governance. Karien Hunter is the founding trustee of the Gatekeeper Foundation, which serves a large network of non-profit organisations, mainly in the KwaZulu-Natal area.

The Gatekeeper Foundation:
  • Strengthens non-profit organizations by means of capacity building, workshops and collaboration;
  • Assists and advises non-profit organizations on Legal and Financial Compliance;
  • Identifies investment opportunities within the non-profit sector that are appropriate and effective;
  • Manages SED (SCI) spending on behalf of our corporate clients and the organizations they support where required.
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