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Billi-Jean Parker – Wildlife Film Producer, Writer, Ocean Advocate

Billi-Jean Parker – Wildlife Film Producer, Writer, Ocean Advocate

This Women’s Month, AMC Hunter INC will be shining the spotlight on some remarkable women in our communities, their work and initiatives. 

Meet Billi-Jean Parker, a passionate wildlife film producer, writer and ocean conservation advocate. 

Q: What is Your Women’s Month Message?

A: “Follow your curiosity and passion, guided by love.” – Billi-Jean Parker.

A Bit More on Billi-Jean:

“I have been privileged to be a wildlife film producer and writer for 20 years, which means that I share stories about the amazing critters in our natural world for international broadcasters like National Geographic Channel, Smithsonian Networks, ORF and the like.”

In her spare time, Billi-Jean likes to tell authentic South African stories with a focus on wildlife, conservation and the ocean – which frequently appear on shows like 50/50. 

“Because I believe our ocean realm doesn’t get as much airtime as land-based stories, I tend to focus on ocean advocacy as much as possible, a great excuse to be filming underwater on SCUBA or as I snorkel!”

Together with Sarah Ferguson from Breathe Conservation (BreatheOcean1) and Elzanne Marais from Zebra Shark Adventures (zebrasharkadventures), Billi-Jean hosts a monthly Reef and Beach Clean open to all, where they collect pollution and educate attendees on the underwater world and ocean conservation. 

The next Reef and Beach Clean is happening on 18 September 2021 at DUC, and all are welcome to join. (Upcoming Beach Clean Up Events)

Billi-Jean recently launched her own venture, Ocean Planet Media – with a motto of “Communicating Conservation and Science with Passion”. 

To follow Billi-Jean and her work:


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