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Kea Modise-Moloto – Christian Women In Business Network Founder And CEO

Kea Modise-Moloto – Christian Women in Business Network Founder and CEO

This Women’s Month, AMC Hunter INC will be shining the spotlight on some remarkable women in our communities, their work, and initiatives. 

Meet Kea Modise-Moloto, a serial social entrepreneur and founder (CEO) of the Christian Women in Business Network (CWBN).

Established and launched in April 2017, the Christian Women in Business Network is an organisation that aims to create a safe space for empowering and connecting businesswomen of faith while sharing knowledge and information.

“We are continuously creating a Global Sisterhood with the motto: ‘Ask not what the network can do for me but what I can do for the network.

I personally believe and trust that if we all share the knowledge, skills, lessons, and opportunities we have, then we will all benefit and grow from the network.

After four years of the CWBN’s existence, we saw it fit and necessary to rebrand to better present what we stand for to the world and our beloved community.

Our colours are now green and gold, and the theme is ”Build and Grow”. 

The green colour represents newness and fresh harvest as promised by God. While the gold is for the strength we have in God, and in our unity, as well as the appreciated refinement we have all experienced (and will continue to experience). For there is no building or growth without refinement and the willingness thereof.

We ensure that our goals to empower, connect and elevate women-owned brands is realised through our different initiatives – Christian Women Business Directory, which offers free business listing for women-owned businesses from all parts of the world. 

I felt the need to enable access and interaction between the businesswomen and their potential clients even during the lockdown. I, therefore, launched the directory in 2020, which now lists businesses from across the world.

We also launched an online shop for women to list and sell their products to a broader market, all at an affordable cost.

Arise Magazine is a way for us to promote women-owned businesses and brands by featuring business journeys, successes, challenges and lessons learnt – essentially to testify about what God has done for them in their lives and businesses.

Also close to my heart is the Armour Daily Planner, which I authored in 2020 for 2021. The Daily planner is an everyday companion to keep us reminded of God’s protection, provision and promises on a daily basis. 

Last year, my Spirit told me that in 2021 we would need to be closer to God and stay reminded of His character for us to get through the year. I am glad I followed that call because the feedback from clients has been that of gratitude and congratulations. 

We are now busy with the 2022 Armour Daily Planner with some exciting additions.

My message for women this 2021 Women’s Month: The recent events in the world have taught us, now more than ever, that we are better connected than disconnected, and it is important for us to allow our nurturing character to live and come alive in all we do in life and in business.

Therefore, it is important to care more about people, be more graceful, considerate, and compassionate than care about the bottom line and material possessions. 

I also want to remind us that we are strong and wise, and each of us has a uniquely special role to play and should never feel less than others. 

Therefore, I encourage us to celebrate and dance for each other’s success – knowing that when one wins, we all benefit: one woman’s success is other women’s inspiration.

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