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So, you decide to purchase a property, a conveyancer is appointed, you obtain a bond, and the process is moving along smoothly. You are then requested to sign your transfer documents, you sign five affidavits, and then you are slapped with an invoice. Oh no! you can’t look; it’s more than you expected, but what can you do?

You are then called in to sign your bond documents; there are a million documents to sign; you are then given yet another invoice… hang on, what’s this?

Your attorney explains that a bond and transfer are two separate conveyancing transactions, the costs of which you as the Purchaser are responsible.

Purchasing a property may be a costly affair. This is why you must inquire about the costs you will be liable for upfront, especially if you are obtaining a mortgage bond to secure the purchase price.

There may be instances where the same firm of conveyancing attorneys attend to your transfer and registration of your mortgage bond; however, there will still be two bills to be paid. So be prepared.

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