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Conveyancing Tips From The AMC Hunter INC Team

Conveyancing Tips From The AMC Hunter INC Team

Conveyancing is an essential part of both the buying and selling of property. A professional conveyancer helps their clients to meet all their legal requirements during property transfers and is a necessary component in the transfer process. 

To help our clients navigate this process, we have compiled a list of tips directly from our team of experts.



Sarikha Singh (Director)

“My advice to agents would be to complete the sales agreement fully. Don’t leave any section incomplete. Discuss everything with your client and ensure that the Sales Agreement covers everything that might come up, e.g. occupational rental etc. – this will save time and eliminate the need to go back and negotiate later down the line.”


Deshini Moodley

(Paralegal in ABSA and FNB Bonds)

“It is essential to clearly explain the process to your clients, managing expectation on the timeline. Patience is important, and communication is key on both sides. Ensure that you are aware of all the fees you are liable for as a buyer/seller.”


Noelene Pillay (Paralegal in Standard Bank Bonds)

“As a buyer or seller, before instructing an attorney, it is wise to familiarise yourself with the related costs and to budget accordingly. For estate agents, I would recommend that the property description on the sales agreement is 100% accurate and completed to avoid delays on the bond side.” 


Pretty Cele (Paralegal in Bond Cancellations)

“Many people are unaware of all the costs involved in the conveyancing process and assume they can cancel a bond without having to pay. There are fees for transfers, bond registrations and bond cancellations.”


Kirby Murray (Bookkeeper)

“Trust the conveyancer and paralegals. Please don’t waste time and get your documents to them as soon as possible to get the process moving. The more you delay, the longer it will take to get your bond or transfer registered.”


Loryn van Rooyen (Paralegal in Transfer Department)

“Prepare yourself for potential delays. There are often delays in receiving rates clearance certificates from the local municipality. Our clients should be aware of these hold-ups in the process.” 


Bronwyn Gaskin (Paralegal Assistant)

“Don’t compromise on service, expertise and professionalism for price. Always use a reputable company with enough experience to tackle any hiccups that may arise during the conveyancing process.”


Nokuphiwa Nxumalo (Bookkeeping Assistant)

“Trust the process. Trust the conveyancer and make sure that you are financially prepared.”


Sashni Manipershad (Paralegal in FNB and Standard Bank Bonds)

“With regards to bond cancellations, clients can either pay the penalty fee or wait out the penalty period, which depending on the bank could be between 60 and 90 days. When requesting documentation from the banks, submitting and signing documents, there is also a waiting period. Clients should prepare themselves to wait and get their paperwork in as early as possible to streamline the process. “


Sandy Manyali (Paralegal in FNB Private Wealth and RMB Private Wealth)

“Clients should know how vital FICA documentation is. It is essential to produce updated documentation for their transactions to go through.”


Jenny Kendall (Paralegal for Transfer Department)

“My advice is for sellers. When you have an existing bond on your property and want to sell it is essential that you notify the bank about your intention to do so. When you fil to notify your financial institution, you are liable for penalties and interest. So, to avoid these penalties always inform your bank first.”




For this and more conveyancing advice, contact us today!

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