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Trusha Maharaj: Working At AMC Hunter INC

Trusha Maharaj: Working at AMC Hunter INC

AMC Hunter INC is an amazing firm to work at. The entire team accepted me with open arms when I started there and were extremely warm and helpful to me.

Usually, when you start at a new firm, it takes a while to adjust and get to know people. However, at AMC Hunter INC, the ladies were very friendly that it made the process of settling in seamless.

What I appreciate most about the practice is the strong work ethic of every single member of the team. Everyone knows what is expected of them and they get on with it. The paralegals are so dedicated to their responsibilities and do what needs to be done without fuss.

Even in stressful times, when there are problems that need to be attended to, everyone steps in to assist in whatever way they can.

The firm deals with many complex conveyancing matters and I have gained a wealth of knowledge in the practical issues that arise are property transfers.

The work environment is positive and promotes productivity, growth and efficiency.

Our team is like a family, in that there is both immense respect and support in the working relationships. The work culture is free and comfortable. Everyone is always willing to assist and I feel free to ask for opinions and advice when dealing with my matters.

Working at AMC Hunter is an amazing adventure, every day there is something new to learn and being around such a friendly and warm team makes work-life exciting and stimulating.

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