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Eloise Briggeman, Founder And CEO Of The Wellness Centre Trust

Eloise Briggeman, Founder and CEO of The Wellness Centre Trust

This Women’s Month, AMC Hunter INC will be shining the spotlight on some remarkable women in our communities, their work, and initiatives.

Meet Eloise Briggeman, Founder and CEO of The Wellness Centre Trust and owner of recently launched business Super Smoothies.

What Is Your Women’s Day Message?

“Live with no regrets; we have one life to live, make it count in a positive way! Live in a way that you are adding value around you. You are able to do far more than you think you can – just start!”

A Bit More About Eloise

“I am a mom, a wife, the CEO of The Wellness Centre Trust and have just launched a new business called Super Smoothies. I love quality time with my husband and children. 

Making a difference is in my DNA; I believe we have one life to live, so make it count and be part of the solution. There are many challenges around us, so pick one and be part of the change for the greater good. 

That is why I started The Wellness Centre Trust and the Super Smoothie business. The Super Smoothies are immune-boosting delicious smoothies that build towards a healthier immune system. They go hand in hand – take care of yourself (health-wise), and you are able to take care of others (reaching out to make the world a better place)”

Super Smoothie Instagram: @supersmoothiessa

Super Smoothie Facebook: @Supersmoothiessa

A Bit More on The Wellness Centre Trust 

The Wellness Centre Trust (TWCT ) was established in 2014, after Eloise became aware of the dire circumstances the homeless face, with an aim to empower and uplift. 

“I started TWCT over seven years ago as I wanted to give the homeless and destitute a second chance in life. 

I wanted to be part of a solution to help them off the streets and into society on a sustainable level. The organisation has evolved over the years in the ways that we help our candidates. 

At the moment, we are very intentional with mentorship and skills that will enable them to make a living. We not only assist with skills to generate an income, but we also teach them how to budget their money once they start generating an income and other life skills that we take for granted that they have never learnt. 

We also assist with learnerships for our candidates and job opportunities.”

If you would like to know more about TWCTdonate or get involved, you can follow them at:

TWCT Facebook 

TWCT Instagram

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