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Mandy Pearson – Founder And CEO Of The Bhambayi Project

Mandy Pearson – Founder and CEO of The Bhambayi Project

This Women’s Month, AMC Hunter INC will be shining the spotlight on some remarkable women in our communities, their work, and initiatives.

Meet Mandy Pearson, Founder and Director of The Bhambayi Project, a non-profit focussed on the upliftment of the Bhambayi community

What’s your Women’s Month message?

“This Women’s Month, we are so aware of the need to pave a better future for our country. 

Change doesn’t start with some great woman out there- it starts with you and me. 

It starts not with what we say or do, but how we see others. If we can see the worth in every single South African, regardless of race, religion, wealth or any other factor, that will enable us to truly give honour to every person. 

We will be playing our part in breaking down the division and building the future of our country. It starts with us!”

More About Mandy and The Bhambayi Project

With a background in economics, corporate strategy and community development work, Mandy started The Bhambayi Project in 2007. 

Since then, this organisation has been on a mission to transform the lives of vulnerable children and orphans through a community-based orphan support model that support and empowers 150 Special Stars (orphans and vulnerable children) to reach their full potential. Once they leave school, these children become Rising Stars, and eventually, they develop into Guiding Stars (guardians and mentors in the community). 

Mandy, her team and the Special Star mentors work to break the negative cycle of brokenness and despair, replacing it with a cycle of positivity and hope for the future. 

The Bhambayi Project believe that how they do it, is as important as what they do. Their H.O.P.E. Building Model focuses on Honour rather than pity, long-term sustainable Outcomes rather than handouts, developing People rather than merely solving their problems and Empowering by harnessing strengths and creating opportunities, rather than dwelling on weakness and lack.

Ultimately building a culture of dignity, empowerment and journeying together as equals to build tangible hope for the future.

If you would like to learn more about The Bhambayi Project, donate or would like to get involved, you can follow them on:

The Bhambayi Project Website

The Bhambayi Project Facebook

The Bhambayi Project Instagram

The Bhambayi Project YouTube

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